How to buy Large sized tablets

Are you planning to buy a large tablet PC? But do you know who should not buy it. Read who, how and why to buy a 10-inch or large sized tablet.

How to buy a large sized tablet, who should, who should and why to buy it
Do you know how to buy a large screen tabs
Apple with its iPad-Cupertino (9.7-inches), for the first time started the trend of large-screen tablets. Thus, iPad became the icon of big tablets. Following its footsteps, other computer makers had also started developing such kind of devices. 

And even today also, the tech-makers are switching their business to such large impeccable devices. Even the top tech-players today like Samsung, Asus, Sony, Acer, Micromax and HP carrying large number of big screen tablets in tech-market.
But do you know who worth buying such large computers and who should not buy it. In one of my earlier posts I have described market research and homework before buying tablets but after going through below information, you will be able to know whether you should buy such large device or not:  

Who should buy big-screen tablet?

Though the large screen tabs are designed for all kinds of users still there are some user segments who can be benefited most.

#1 Working professional with frequent and more typing work

First the professional users who require more typing work should prefer large screen. They can either dock keyboard to it or can use large touch screen user interface for typing.  

#2 Gamers and Fun lovers 

Secondly, the gamers and fun lovers who spend their maximum time in playing games or watching movies can go for such devices.

#3 Customers with sound budget 

who have capability to spend sound amount for best system configuration from leading tech-makers can check such tablet range.

Who should not buy big screen tablet?

But the users who do not want large, bulky devices over handy device easily fitted inside their pocket or bags should never go for big screen tab. Secondly, the customers with very limited budget should not consider it.

Why to buy a large sized tablet?

As you know, a large sized computer is much expensive in compare to the smaller one. So, it is obvious to ask, “Why to spend more for such a device when already lots of cheap options available in market”. May be, here you will find your answer:

#1 More memory

The large sized devices offer more built-in memory of up to 32GB - 64GB rather than 7-inches standard tablets. So, you have more space to store your data on such devices.

#2 More display area

If you love to carry your favorite movies with you and enjoy them while travelling, should also go for it.

#3 Wide onscreen keyboard

A bigger screen device offer bigger on screen typing key interface, which is more suitable for easy typing. So, if you spend your more time in typing works in office or home, should go for it.

Wrap up

Up to now, we have seen why and who should choose a large sized tablet PC. Many unavoidable features like more display area for viewing, better on screen touch buttons and more memory to store your contents can be the suitable reasons for a customer for buying a large device.
But do the above information sufficient for a buyer in deciding his best tablet option. No, still there are many other factors that should be considered while deciding how to finalizing your large sized tablet PC. In my upcoming post, I shall describe them in detail. Till then stay tuned.

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