Dell XPS 11, XPS 12, XPS 13 and XPS 15 laptops

By introducing a new range of Windows 8.1 laptops and convertibles Dell lining up their most popular XPS tablet-laptop series. Check out reviews for Dell’s new expensive laptop computers range.
Dell brings expensive Windows 8.1 laptop and convertibles range
Dell’s Windows 8.1 convertible laptops and ultrabooks

Dell’s Windows 8.1 laptop and convertibles

Earlier, we have experienced an expensive Dell XPS 14 laptopwhich is powered up by Intel’s 1.7GHz Core i5 processor and offering outstanding performance with its sturdy built up. And for this time, the tech maker has come up with four more XPS series computers. All computers run Windows 8.1 except XPS 12, which was launched earlier in August 2013. But the users interested in new version of Windows 8 can also upgrade their device after it release. Here below, I am briefing up details of all four Dell computers.

Upcoming convertible Dell laptops

The company brings two new hybrid ultrabooks - Dell XPS 11 and XPS 12 that are the expensive computing machines with high resolution touch display.

Dell XPS 11 hybrid laptop

The new XPS 11 convertible tablet is the thinnest among all with having just 0.6 inch thick chassis. It has sharp full HD resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels display. It also has an active stylus for allowing you writing notes on screen while in office meeting. And it comes with an adjustable-feedback flat keyboard with quite identical look to Surface tablet from Microsoft. Here you can also check out complete specifications and reviews for Dell XPS 11 convertible tablet-laptop.

Dell XPS 12 hybrid laptop

Even after having convertible built-up, the look of XPS 12 is entirely different from XPS 11. A swivel-enabling hinge around the edges of display allows the screen to flip back 180 degrees. Its tablet features 1,920 x 1,080 pixels of screen resolution and its full tactile keyboard embeds plenty of connecting ports. With 13.3 inches capacitive touch screen display it is also an expensive offer from Dell. It runs on Windows 8 and powered up by Intel’s 1.6GHz Core i5 processing chipset.

Upcoming Laptops from Dell

The company also shown off a pair of new high level laptops XPS 13 and XPS 15 that will run on Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8.1 operating system. Both the machines are most expensive offer from the company. With their premium look and specifications, both new Windows 8.1 laptops are going to put tough competition before their rivals.

Dell XPS 13 ultrabook

With thinner and light profile, the XPS 13 is a powerful ultrabook, which comes with tough physical built-up. The 13 inch ultrabook is a masterpiece computing machine, which is energized by Intel’s latest Haswell processor. Its capacitive touch display is protected by corning gorilla glass and it host up to 256 GB of solid state drive storage to boost up booting speed and system performance.

Dell XPS 15 ultrabook

It is the largest XPS ultrabook model with 15 inch astonishingly sharp +QHD display, which is covered by Gorilla glass protection. It is the most impressive computing machine with highest price range among all new Dell machines, we are discussing here. With multiple options for internal storage, this Dell ultrabook comes with high graphics configuration and a powerful processor. After taking brief look of display and specifications of XPS 15, I found it much identical to Dell’s earlier release - Precision M3800 laptopswhich also comes with quad higher definition display.

Reviews on upcoming windows 8.1 laptops

Microsoft is going to release the latest version of their flagship operating system namely Windows 8.1, which is highly awaited by critics and tech-enthusiasts. You can find updated features of Windows 8.1 and users’ expectation from this operating system upgrade in one of my earlier posts. The company has already unveiled its public preview earlier this year and a number of on based products have already been announced while some others are staying inline. Taking opportunity of Windows 8 upgrade, many tech makers are also upgrading their earlier computer models compatible to Windows 8.1. They are also upgrading them with more advanced features. Upgrades to Windows 8.1 and Haswell processor is the ready reference for the same. No only Dell but leading tech makers Toshiba also come with five Windows 8.1 business notebooks , on the other hand Fujistu unveiled six Win 8.1 version ultrabooks to line up their portfolio.
Soon, I will cover complete specs and reviews for above laptops and convertible machines in my upcoming posts. So, just keep tuned with us and add us to your circle to get our new article updates for free.

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