Toshiba’s newly introduced most expensive 11.6-inch WT310-106 convertible tablet computer comes with stylus, LTE support and mobile broadband options. The tablet is aimed at business customers. Read this post to get specifications, price and reviews for this Windows 8 Pro based Toshiba laptop PC.
Toshiba WT310-106 hybrid Tablet PC with stylus and LTE support
Toshiba WT310-106 Convertible Tablet PC 
After showing off wide range laptop computers under the most popular Satellite series, Toshiba launched another awesome hybrid computer named WT310 tablet PC. With this convertible computer, Toshiba for this time targeted at mobile business users. In one of my earlier posts, I talked about specifications and features of two new 15.6-inches Windows 8 laptops under Satellite P50 series that come with many remarkable features including USB Sleep-and-Charge, 4K video streaming and hard disk impact sensor. While the new WT310 tablet-laptop is also one of the best products from Toshiba we have ever used.

Technical specifications of WT310-106 model

Though the computer is quite expensive but packed with a wide range of features, this machine can be considered to be a good choice for the mobile business customers. So, let us see what this hybrid unit offers to its customers and know the features that should considered while spending a sound amount for this Windows 8 machine.

External built-up and reliability

The hybrid laptop body looks somewhat thicker when compared to Sony VIAO Pro 13. With a physical measurement of 299mm x 189mm x 12.4mm, the Toshiba WT310 computing machine weights to 825gms. With less than one kg weight, you can move freely anywhere with the tablet. The weight for keyboard dock is not confirmed yet.
Toshiba has taken care of protection of WT310-106 computer while it will be handled for daily activities. The resilient plastic layer on tablet protects its internal components from external threats, accidental impacts and pressure.

Powerful Touch screen display and camera

Since the WT310-106 model is designed to suit business customers and as they usually require to move out with the tablet so, for higher portability, the size of hybrid’s display screen kept smaller to just 11.6 inches. You will take full advantage of Windows 8’s 10-finger touch display over its 1,920 x 1,080 pixels of screen resolution display. The anti-reflective layer and matte screen of hybrid laptop is quite helpful in producing clear display even in indoor lighting. While the fingerprint-resistant coating on touch screen display protects the screen from scratches injuries. Considerably, some experts say that a user can feel problem with tablet in reading text while moving out in sunshine (though still we are not sure about this comment yet).
You will also find a three megapixel primary (rear) camera and the other one megapixel front facing cameras on tablet.

Processing performance and memory capacity of WT310-106 tablet

Toshiba packed this WT310 computer model with high performing Core i5-3439Y processor couples to 4GB RAM and its runs on Microsoft’s Windows 8 Pro version operating platform. The hybrid laptop ensures best user experience with faster response and great multitasking speed. As an added advantage, you will also find a 128 GB Solid-State-Drive (SSD) on the tablet, to boosting up system performance.
Toshiba WT310 convertible laptop is packed with 128 GB SSD and Core i5 CPU
Toshiba WT310 convertible laptop is packed with 128 GB SSD and Core i5 CPU

User interaction with digital Stylus

The Toshiba tablet PC offers various ways for users to interact with. You can either add keyboard dock with tablet to fed the information or use its touch screen for communicating via Windows 8's tiles and menus. Besides this all, you can also use a stylus to control the display contents or for taking notes on screen.

Networks access and connectivity ports

Earlier, we saw latest high speed wireless technology support with HSPA, LTE and Wireless Gigabit LAN a/g/n on world’s first 4G Windows 8 hybrid tablet - Toshiba’s Portege Z10t and now Toshiba’s WT310 convertible model also supports this technology. Packed with USB 3.0 port, the tablet does very fast data-transferring with other digital devices. It also has mini HDMI® and RGD ports for streaming video to large screen. The new Wireless Display Technology, using Wi-Fi, enables the users sending files and documents to the compatible television set. You will also find connectors like a full sized SD card slot and headsetjack on hybrid mahine.
The dock of hybrid laptop has two USB 2.0 ports, full sized HDMI port, an audio jack and a power connector. There are also two speakers on the bottom edge of the tablet.

Pricing and availability of laptop

Toshiba set the price of WT310-106 model at £1,079 (around Rs 100,000 or USD $1670), which excludes VAT in UK.
There are also two more models of this device available to purchase at the UK website of Toshiba where the lowest model with Celeron processor will be priced at costs £619 (around Rs 58,000 or USD $960). The price excludes VAT.


Finally, the WT310 model can be considered as the perfect choice for the customers who want a high end premium device to maintain their important business information. It offers more flexibility to users with its fully finger-controlled multi touch display, keyboard for easier inputs and the handy digitizer. Many other features like data management and advanced security with Intel’s Anti-Theft option enhance customer’s reliability for the device.
In goods section, we can consider its high multitasking performance, 128 GB SSD, multiple business class features and Windows 8 professional operating system. On the other hand, the higher cost of device can be the big barrier between the customers and Toshiba’s retail stores.
For more deep information on this device, you can also check the official link of WT310 convertible tablet PC.
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